On A Job Just Being A Job

Sometimes a job is just a job. You have it so you can pay the bills, support you/your family, save for something big, get out of debt (or into it), have stability, or serve some other purpose.

A job being a job is totally fine and admirable, if you’re clear on why you’re doing it.

If you don’t, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you’re not fulfilled, you’re not creating value, or you’re stuck.

But it’s ok to want more from your work. It’s ok to want to feel fulfilled. It’s ok to want to create value. These things give life meaning and make us feel like we’ve done something worth our while.

On the flip side, if you want all those things from your work and aren’t getting it, you may start to feel like you’ll never find those things, you’re expecting too much, and maybe a job is just a job.

On either side, a job is not going to fulfill all the parts of you that need fulfilling and give you the full sense of purpose that you want to feel. And neither will a relationship, or a new home, or a puppy, or a child. They’re component parts, but it’s way too much to ask of any one thing or person.

But you can start by defining what your purpose is, what it means to you to be fulfilled, and what creating value looks like to you. Then you can look at the component parts and break down what you want to get out of each.

If you start there, you’ll be far better equipped to find the work, the relationships, and the other things you need to piece your full life together. And though life doesn’t guarantee you’ll find them all, at least you’ll know what you’re looking for.